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Mexico's future: Hope.

Every nation deserves the opportunity to visualise a future where their children can enjoy well-being beyond what has already been achieved. Being able to see a progression in one’s life within the city or community we inhabit is a privilege. Migrants worldwide decide to leave their spatial heritage to ride a journey towards the unknown. Through their journey, many do not make it; memories from their home generate hope that will lead them to find a new spatial reality where they can flourish. Governments throughout the world, built by nations, are responsible for providing the fertile ground for the survival of hope and community.


Nowadays, three main vectors must be addressed to guarantee Mexico's and many other countries’ success in generating dreams for future generations. These include prosperity, justice and safety; without these conditions, life within a given territorial set becomes unsustainable. Although our states face multiple threats and challenges, realising what first needs to be addressed guarantees new visions of what a nation and its life experience can become.


Prosperity is a given set of conditions that enable nations to believe that the well-being of their new generations will be better. Through clear-cut local-level community, politics is that both economic sustenance and political representation will be achieved to reach social wellbeing’s preconditions. Any society with a disconnect on where its leaders are taking it makes it impossible to share common dreams and direction. Furthermore, without understanding the economic needs and where there are unmet critical services (such as drinking water), it is impossible to share the portrayal of a new future. Therefore, whilst our basic needs are not addressed, or partially addressed, dreams of what a marvellous future can be achieved will not exist.


Once prosperity is set in place, with each communities’ definitions and expectations, justice must be served. Justice is beyond having the rule of law to enable civil exchange among people, but realising that for each economic discussion, there is a contribution generated by all those living within a community. Moreover, understanding justice as a critical leveller that any community member can have access for impartial conflict resolution bridges away from the gaps that generate inequality. Thus, it is not about generating conflict but showing that community life requires equal standing and benefits from shared goals and achievements.


Violence has taken over daily lives throughout the world. Although COVID generated a dip in crime whilst lockdowns occurred, violence has resurfaced. While, on the one hand, protection of civil relations and state of law between societies must occur through organised state intervention, inequality must be addressed. Generalised subsidies do not generate ownership of one’s responsibility for developing the appropriate conditions for shared prosperity. On the other hand, nations will never achieve a minimum standard of living without realising that our inequality gap is deep enough to require subsidies for people to survive.


Simple solutions with practical implementation are required. One need not look into complex solutions to feed and protect those left vulnerable by an unequal distribution system. Specific need-driven prioritising by communal participation methods is available to generate knowledge from each community towards self-sustainability. National governments are intangible; it is only through guaranteeing basic-needs fulfilment that communities can share new dreams within nations.


Although sometimes, dreams of hope turn into nightmares and despair.

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