Javier Jileta has a degree in Economics from ITAM and a Master's degree in Urban Planning and Development, as well as Doctoral studies in Urban Economics and Country Brands from University College London.


Currently, Javier Jileta serves as General Director of Liaison in the ViceMinistry  for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, working hand in hand with the Ministry of Economy and the Office of Presidency to make investments in Mexico. Previously he has carried out research in telecommunications, competitiveness, creation of global knowledge and the usefulness of the use of  technologies in the educational, health and innovation sectors. 


Jileta has concentrated on developing and promoting innovation and knowledge projects. In 2008, he founded Scientika, a nonprofit organization focused on fostering talent to drive effective change through innovation and creativity. Javier is a faithful believer in freedom and interdependence as promoters of global change.


During his tenure as Managing Partner of Scientika, Javier Jileta coordinated publications such as Mexico City: a Knowledge Economy, Let's protect our airport, New meanings, as well as books focused on children, such as My city today, among others.

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