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America’s new smart administration

The Trump administration is shy past a month in its existence and it has pretty much shattered equilibria throughout the world. Many decades of American policies, built through allies and complicated enemies are coming to an end. Additionally, within the US borders being discriminatory to others has become something acceptable.

First of all, what is happening with the media? The content of the fight and the concepts they are fighting about is not what concerns me the most. In economics, when there is a price shock, markets react and they reach a new equilibria, where prices are normally higher than they were. I believe that the whole strategy of undermining media as a whole, will have society-wide effects. Not only will particular media outlets be destroyed, but the whole concept of what to believe and how to guide, will come to a breaking point. This concerns me, because the propaganda-like strategies the White House is following is not as chaotic as one can see. It is clearly aimed at destroying and polarizing media. Any comparison to Nazi propaganda techniques is in order.

In world politics, beyond again, what are the ideologies being supported and their particular turning points, there is a clear disruption. Many of the global processes through which the United States controlled and supported liberal views around the world, were built upon deterrence techniques that require considerable thought and delicate underpinnings. When an actor comes to these arenas and acts without any regard to context it is clear … the old equilibria is beyond broken… it is no longer retainable. Is America on a collision course? Doubt it.

I believe America will reach a new equilibria in world power, yet, I’m not sure the result will be something americans will be happy with. It seems that throughout different arenas, America has become of 2nd importance, both China and Russia, and many other regional powers, are making use of their political and geopolitical savviness to reach new optimal equilibria.

Trump is perhaps not well versed in the art of diplomacy, because deal making is not bullying your way as he points out… but deal making is the art of getting what you want while the other side feels the same way.

The Trump administration, is considerably undervalued. Yes, they have had some mayor mistakes, in particular, as a Mexican I believe destroying their number one admirer country is a mayor slipup. But, then again, the whole Trump phenomenon is more critical than we believe. These are hackers. They are not bound by global understandings of geopolitics, but those of geoeconomics. Their understandings are linked to economic value exchange not social value exchange. Both key different concepts, that yield completely different results for humanity.

As hackers, this administration can pretty much go against any current equilibria and shatter it. This is dangerous if there is no clear picture of which equilibria are desirable and which should be rescinded. The opportunity for them is huge. The question here, is that these hackers have a set of values that are not shared by liberalism. Their views are not tolerant nor pro integration, they seem to want humanity to become separated-isolated-confronted.

This man is smarter than we think. He is undermining the liberal institutions and he as well has enough power to shatter any equilibria that isn´t to his liking. The question remains, as to which agenda is being pushed through. Because if you doubt they will be able to push it through… you are dead wrong.

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